!   SEASONS   !   UCHAF   !

Not a translation this year. This is a piece of spelt air, scored from a couple of quatrains that I made during the summer, high on coastal uplands in north Wales. Previously, I adapted them for Providence’s Word Shelter. Now they are web-based, and their permuted phrasings follow the temporal rhythms of my reading voice. The title for both the paired quatrains and their animated versions is Uchaf, Welsh for ‘highest.’ They are dedicated to dear friends at Penrallt-uchaf and also to all of us living in Rhode Island, since certain aspects of the landscapes (although not the uplands) resonate. One cycle of the piece takes about four and a half minutes. Each cycle is slightly different. Read the piece, if you’d like, in a separate window – that you could make full screen – by clicking here. Happier 2024, everyone!