writing to be found

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link to the first essay into writing to be found on Netpoetic.com

Process: Write into the Google search field with text delimited by quote marks until the sequence of words is not found. Record this sequence. Delete words from the beginning of the sequence until the sequence is found. Then add more words to the end of the sequence until it is not found. Repeat.

"If I write, quoting,"

"I write, quoting, "And"

"write, quoting, "And the"

"quoting, 'And the earth"

"'And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep,' these words"

"upon the face of the deep,' these words will"

"deep,' these words will be found"

"these words will be found. Perhaps"

"will be found. Perhaps they will now"

"Perhaps they will now always"

"they will now always be found"

"will now always be found. I"

"always be found. I write"

"be found. I write, in part"

"I write, in part, in the hope that what"

"in the hope that what I write will be found."

[Google, Sat Oct 3, 2009, completed 2:04am EST.]

An essay, 'Writing to be Found and Writing Readers' is forthcoming in Digital Humanities Quarterly.

Some generated poems, commissioned by Adjective Noun and part of the essay in WTBF, are linked here for technical reasons, and will be properly integrated into the site shortly.