what is transliteral morphing?

If texts are laid out in a regular grid, as a table of letters, one table for the source and one table for the target, to morph transliterally from one text (one table of letters) to another, is to work out, letter-by-letter, how the source letters will become the target ones. Assume your alphabet (including 'space' and apostrophe, 28 letters in all) is arranged in a special loop where letters considered to be similar in sound are clustered together. The aim is to work out the shortest distance round the loop (clockwise or anti-clockwise) from each source to each target. These are the steps you have to take (the maximum number is 14). Use all of the maximum fourteen possible steps from source to target, but only replacing letters when you have to (in order to get to the target in time). Make the morph (probabilistically) reluctant to change at first, then make it (probabilistically) anxious to get to the target once it is close (so that steps closer to one or the other resolved text approximate to language spelt normally).